Saturday, September 6, 2014

Introducing Eva Gates

That's me!

My career is taking off in new directions, and I am turning to the light side. I am now a cozy writer.

If you are a Molly Smith fan, fear not, I am not planning to abandon those people I love so much, but just putting them on hiatus while I do other things.

I have two three-book contracts from Penguin.  One to write the Lighthouse Library Mysteries for Obsidian, and one for the Christmas Town mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime.

The Lighthouse Library Books will be first, and they are being written under the pen name of EVA GATES.  The first book is By Book or By Crook and will be released Feb 3, 2015.  The second is Booked for Trouble, coming August 2015.

I have been working on the web page for the Lighthouse Library series today and am proud to unveil it.

Lighthouse Library Mysteries from Eva Gates. 

Please pay a visit and let me know what you think!

Eva has her own email address or you can still write to