Thursday, November 20, 2014

In Hibernation

It's been a long time since I posted anything to this blog.  I guess because there hasn't been a lot of new news to share, and I haven't been travelling very much.

I'm now hunkered down at home, planning to hibernate for the next several months, reading and writing and doing jigzaw puzzles, with a break to celebrate Christmas with my family.

The biggest thing in my life has been my kitchen renovations. I'm absolutely thrilled with it!  Here are some pics:

I'm gearing up for a major book tour for BY BOOK OR BY CROOK.  Stops are in are Arizona (with Kate Carlisle, I am really excited about that!), North Carolina with Erika Chase/Linda Wiken and Donis Casey, Florida, and Michigan with Barbara Fradkin. Plans are still in flux and flights not booked yet, so if you want me to visit your library or book club, drop me a note.

Full tour details will be posted here when they are set:

By Book or by Crook is now available for pre-order for all the regular places, online as well as bookstores and for e-readers and in print.