Friday, April 6, 2012

Klondike Friday: Not on the Lord’s Day

Today is Good Friday. I'm planning to go to a fabulous little shop in Bloomfield called Diva which -stocks fancy hats and fascinators. I'm in need of a new 19th century-style hat for my upcoming promotional appearances for Gold Mountain.

Which got me thinking about changing attitudes to religious days.

As I’ve discussed here before, the Klondike Gold Rush was notable for the presence of the police. The NWMP was in the territory before all those mad prospectors and their hangers-on began flooding across the border. Thus what the newcomers found was not a wild west town, but a place where the police were firmly in control and some laws strictly enforced.

The Mounties turned a semi-blind eye to offenses such as prostitution and gambling recognizing that banning those things outright would simply lead to driving them underground. Somethings they didn’t bend on, however. Such serious crimes as the use of vile language or working on Sunday – the Lord’s Day.

Swearing in public could get you tossed in jail and any form of work on Sunday could see one facing the long arm of the law. It has been recorded that people could be, and were, arrested for such offences as chopping wood for their own stove on a Sunday.

Times certainly have changed, haven't they!

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