Sunday, July 1, 2012

More than Sorrow - Coming Sept 2012

At long last here's the cover for More than Sorrow, my new standalone from Poisoned Pen Press, due out September 4th.  They certainly seem to have wanted to emphasize the title and the author didn't they?  More than Sorrow is a modern Gothic novel of suspense.

It's set in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where I live. My first novel set in a real location.

Once, Hannah Manning was an internationally-renowned journalist and war correspondent. Today, she’s a woman suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Haunted by her memories, Hannah goes to her sister’s small-scale vegetable farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario to recover and spend time with her ten-year-old niece, Lily.

Hannah retreats into the attic full of boxes and mouldy letters that have accumulated for more than two centuries. As she reads about the original settlers of this land, she is increasingly drawn to the space beneath the old house.

More than carrots, potatoes, soups and jams are down in the dark, damp root cellar. Hannah experiences visions of a woman emerging from the icy cold mist. Is the woman real?

In this modern Gothic novel of heart-wrenching suspense, past and present merge into a terrifying threat to the only thing Hannah still holds dear— her ten year old niece Lily.

The book is now available for pre-order from or your favourite independent bookstore. 

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