Thursday, September 20, 2012


More than Sorrow is getting some great reviews, I'm happy and relieved to say.  And as usual, the best ones are by what we might call 'amateurs'.  Perhaps that's because amateurs writing on their own blogs in their own time have more room to discuss a book in depth than reviewers paid by magazines or newspapers, who are limited in space as well as probably told what to review.

Here are links to two of my favourites.  I really am pleased that both of these women caught the essence of what I was trying to achieve in this book.

Lesa Holstine is a librarian in Glendale Arizona. Hugely popular in the mystery community she regularly hosts authors at her library in a series she calls Authors@theTeague.  I'm delighted that Donis Casey and I have been invited to visit the Teague on Thursday October 24th. 2:00 pm.

As much as I love Vicki Delany's Constable Molly Smith books, she's outdone herself with her standalone, More Than Sorrow. She carefully weaves together two storylines, one contemporary and one historical, in a thoughtful, unforgettable story of the damage and tragedy of war. But, Delany makes this a personal story. This isn't the trauma fighting men suffer. This is a suspense novel featuring women as victims and heroes.

To read the full review and find out what other mysteries Lesa is reading:

Judith Starkson is a reviewer new to me, who I'll be checking in with regularly from now on.  She says:
Plenty of action and suspense, but to me the sustaining force of the book lies in the way we are invited to think about women and the interplay between courageous acts of independence, garden-variety daily repression across centuries and cultures, and villainous acts of suppression. Being a woman can be tough. Nice to meet some female characters who face the job with courage even in the midst of tragedy.

Thanks, women. 

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