Friday, April 19, 2013

An AE Nomination!

Colour me pleased.  I found out when I got up this morning that A WINTER KILL, my book for reluctant readers from Rapid Reads has been nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award for best novella.

The news is timely as well, as I'm in Juba right now and working on the next book in that line, JUBA GOOD, which will be about an RCMP officer with the UN here in South Sudan.

Education is a priorty here, and the good people at Rapid Reads donated a stack of books for me to bring.  I handed them out to what I hope will be eager readers.  I wonder if they will quite be able to understand the signifigance of the fact that the dead body in A WINTER KILL isn't wearing gloves in the snow.

Probably not.

The AE awards will be presented in Toronto on May 30th.  I am so disappointed to have to miss it, but I'll be in Yellowknife at the NorthWords Literary Festival. (

Barbara Fradkin, who I am travelling to the north with, has been nomiated for the same award. It sould be a lively evening in Yellowknife.

Want a peek: Only $2.95 for Kindle, special offer.

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