Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Evil Necessity that is Promotion

A great deal of the writing biz these days is promotion. Whether you’re Ms. Mega-Selling Author or Mr. Bottom of the Mid-List, you have to be on the road. A lot.
And so it is for me. I got back last night from Bouchercon. Have two days to do laundry, write some articles for my November blog tour, and on Thursday I am off to Rochester.

The Rochester gig will be nothing but pleasure: I have to sign copies of Winter of Secrets to return to Poisoned Pen bookstore and am staying with my friends Charles and Rose Benoit (www.charlesbenoit.com and Type M for Murder). If you recognize the name Rose Benoit, BTW, yes, she is the inspiration for John Winters’ old partner, Inspector Rose Benoit of the Vancouver Police. Rose has appeared in In the Shadow of the Glacier, and Valley of the Lost and the just completed Negative Image. Unfortunatly she doesn't show up in Winter of Secrets.

I then leave Rochester for Ottawa where I’ll be spending Saturday on line and on the phone as part of the Poisoned Pen Virtual Conference. Sunday morning up bright and early to head for Montreal and the beginning of our East Coast Book Tour.

So that's another two weeks on the road.

I have a new book underway, new characters, new series, new setting, new concept. It’s going well, and I am very unhappy at having to give up so much time when I should be working on it.

But, such is the life!

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