Monday, October 12, 2009

On the Road!

Today is the last day of peace and quiet for quite a long time. Tomorrow morning I am going to be picked up in Belleville by R.J. Harlick, Barbara Fradkin and Mary Jane Maffini for the two day road trip to Boucheron.

Wednesday afternoon we will arrive in Indianapolis and setting into four days of smoozing and being charming. Shouldn’t be difficult. For those of you attending the conference, a reminder that the four of us, plus the ever-wonderful Anthony Bidulka, will be on the O Canada: A Criminal Romp Through the Wilds of Canada panel Thursday at 4:30.

We’re planning to serve traditional Canadian fare, and are having a lot of fun deciding what that is. I’ve made Kootenay Kookies and have bought Smarties. I think Inuit tea, maple leaf cookies, Nanaimo bars and other such goodies are on the menu. It addition we’re dressing in an assortment of national costume, and will have a contest and giveaways.

Definitely the place to be Thursday afternoon.

Many of the Canadian attendees at Bouchercon have contributed books to a basket for the silent auction. I have both a copy of Gold Digger, and an ARC of Winter of Secrets. Let's try to get the bidding up there!

I will barely be back from Bouchercon before it’s time to hit the road for the East Coast book tour with R.J. Harlick. Details of that are on my web page. Look for the Vicki on the Road link.

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