Thursday, November 26, 2009

No Event Too Small.

I have often argued that you can never turn down an opportunity because it’s not big enough. If one person comes to your event, well it might just be the right one person.

Case in point. On Tuesday I was the guest speaker at the library in Fonthill, Ontario, a small town located near Niagara Falls. It’s a long way for me to go, but I combined it with a Monday night stop in Toronto to meet with my critique group, a night at my daughter’s place and then a shopping trip with her. I didn’t intend to buy anything for myself, I was just getting my Christmas shopping started, but picked up a sweater and jacket that went well with the pants I had on.

We arrived at the library with a bit of a sinking feeling. Very small town, very small library. Seven people showed up, which is definitely not good. But I gave my talk and they seemed interested and a few people bought books.

What made it all worthwhile? TV was there. The local TV station came. They interviewed me, filmed about half of my talk, and then took more footage of me talking to the audience after, along with a couple of shots of my books arrayed on the table.

And I was in my new clothes!

Apparently this was the first time the TV station had sent someone to one of these library events.

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