Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cornbread and Lost Symbol

As part of the Great Cornbread Challenge, I have put my cornbread recipe up at Fatal Fatal Foodies.

I have been reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Oh. My. God. I thought it was awful. I know a lot of people have liked it, but really. It's badly written - the constant use of italicizing everything you NEED TO KNOW BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT - the plot is ridiculous - when we finally found out what the great plot is to destory civilization as we know it, I said "So? - the bad guy is so over-the-top he's a comic figure, and the last 50 pages which supposedly reveals the secrets of the ancients are just pure nonsense.

If the ancients are so wise and all-knowing how come they died at 35 and lost 3/4 of their kids?

For a better look at the mysteries of the ancients, read the Instance at the Fingerpost by Iain Pears. Using the wisdom of the ancients one of the characters attempts of rid himself of an eye infection by covering it in dog poo (likes attract, see, and the poo will draw out the infection). No amount of failure of his method will convince him it isn't working. After all, the ancients were wise.

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