Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter weather and action scenes

It is a lovely -18 C here in Southern Ontario today. As you know, if you read Tony Bidulka’s interview with me that I linked to below, I really love winter. I actually just love weather. I like summers to be hot and winters to be cold. I like long warm summer nights and dark cold winter nights. I like to sit out in the deck in the hot sun in the summer and cuddle up beside the fire in the winter.

Today is brilliantly sunny, as it only gets on a very cold day, and I am planning a walk later. I will bundle up so that only my eyes are showing and head out to the snowmobile paths in the woods. There is no wind today, so the walk should be pleasant.

I am struggling a lot with the climax of my new book. It is very action-oriented, much more than I have done before. I am having a hard time getting the characters in place; getting the gun away from the bad guy so the heroine can grab it (I guess he can’t just drop it, eh? Oopsie). Then once the sub-bad guy has been disposed of the super-bad guy appears and we have to do it all again. Plus the house is set on fire and there are people trapped inside, so after disposing of the super-bad guy, we rush off to save the trapped innocents.

I am having a lot of trouble visualising all of this. Perhaps I need to go to more action movies.

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