Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Malice Domestic

Are you going to Malice Domestic? If so, come up and say Hi. I'm driving down with Mary Jane Maffini and Robin (R.J.) Harlick so I know that just getting there is going to be fun. After Malice, we're bouncing down the road to Oakmont, PA, to the hugely popular Festival Of Mystery put on by Mystery Lovers Bookstore. http://mysterylovers.com/. That event is Monday May 3rd. Joining us for that leg of the trip will be Joanne Dobson, who has just brought out a book from Posioned Pen Press. I've never met Joanne, but have read her Karen Pelletier books and loved them. I am hosting a table at Malice for the Saturday night dinner, and I have some prizes. Hint: so popular and so hard to get that Oprah wore them on her show. Second hint, different prize: when I found out that this item is all the rage in New York, I phoned my daughter in Toronto to get me one.

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