Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Next?

I’m taking one whole day off.

I finished Among the Departed, the fifth Constable Molly Smith book, last night. It will now sit and percolate for six to eight weeks and then I will read it again. I find that giving myself a long break means I can go back to it with a fresh eye. It will then go to the editor at Poisoned Pen Press who will suggest changes large or small, so more work will be required.

So far it took 2 ½ months. Probably a record for me.

Tomorrow I dive back into Edward County. The Edward County break has been more like 2 ½ months because I’ve been slow to get the critiques back, plus I wanted to finish up Among the Departed.

Edward County will then go to my agent, Patty Moosbrueger, and she will no doubt have suggestions large or small. So the work might be days or it might be months.
Then it will be time for the next Klondike Book. I have a title already – Gold Mountain. The book will not be a mystery, per se, but an extended chase novel. Stay tuned.

What else is on my plate? Whew, isn’t that enough?

I am going to take a break from Molly Smith and John Winters for a while (fear not, they will be back) and my next book for Poisoned Pen will be a standalone. I am going to stick with the format of Scare the Light Away and Burden of Memory, and have a back-story of something that happened in the past that is effecting events of today. It will be set in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where I live now.

I think that’s enough for now.

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