Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book Clubs and Book Lovers

Don't you love book clubs? Last night I was the guest author at a mystery book club in Toronto which discussed Gold Fever. I had a nice dinner, met new people, enjoyed fun conversation, and got to talk about the book and my writing. My friends Janet and Helen are book lovers extraordinare. Helen has put a third story on her house which she, only half-kidding, says is to store her TBR pile. She had a pile of new books that she'd bought earlier at Sleuth of Baker Street to show the club. A fabulous mix of bestsellers and little-knowns, hardcover and paperbacks. All mysteries of course.

Summer is here with a bang - hot hot hot. This time of year I am particuarly glad I was able to retire. I'm out of the hot city and here in the pleasant countryside, working on the deck, the pool at hand if I get hot. Heaven.

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