Friday, July 9, 2010

Need to cool down - read a winter book

It's hot hot hot here in Ontario. Not just the heat, of course, but the humidity. A/Cs are churning all over the east. Fortunately there is one cheap, easy, convenient way to cool down. Read a book set in winter. Winter of Secrets, (Poisoned Pen Press) the third Constable Molly Smith book, begins in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve and ends on New Years day. Here are a couple of scenes to start the cooling process.

Something soft, gentle and cold landed on Molly Smith’s cheek. She looked up. Snowflakes drifted down from the heavens. She put her hand to her head. She’d lost her hat long ago, tossed into the back of the truck, hopefully, although she didn’t remember. Her hair was soaking wet from snow melting against her scalp. Her boots were good, but even so her feet were getting cold. She wiggled her fingers inside her gloves.

A tree groaned and let loose its full weight of heavy snow. A substantial portion of which found its way down the back of Smith’s neck. Involuntarily, she yelped.

Smith stepped into the night. Snow was still falling and the wind was still blowing. The street was deserted, everyone at home with their loved ones.
She pulled her collar up around her neck and dug in her pockets looking for her gloves. Light from the streetlamps was dim in the falling snow. It was only two blocks to her apartment, and she walked through deserted streets, enjoying the sound of snow crunching under her feet.
The wind was a problem, but all this snow promised great skiing.

The full first chapter of Winter of Secrets is available on my web page: as is information about where you can find the book.

Stay cool.

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