Friday, August 6, 2010

Planning the book tour.

I love going on book tour. I love standing in bookstores trying to get people interested in my books (really). I love meeting people and talking about books (mostly mine). I also love to travel and I like to drive. And I love going back to stores where they know me and like me!

On the other hand I absolutely hate organizing the book tour. E-Mails, phone calls. Follow up e-mails. Follow-up phone calls. Balancing dates and locations. Ug.

Anyway, can't be helped. Right now I am signing up stores for November/December for Negative Image which comes out Nov. 1st. I'll be doing mostly stores in south-eastern Ontario, where I live, with a visit to Oakville/Burlington/West Toronto and one to Montreal for an event called Fusion Fiction, which sounds like fun.

The big trips will come next year. Today I registered for both Left Coast Crime in Sante Fe and Bloody Words in Victoria. Both of which should be just great.

If you know of a store or library or festival that might like to have me, please do pass the info on. I'll go almost anywhere.

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