Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Working with Police Dogs

Quick blog post before I head out for the day.

Lovely end of summer week. Hot and sunny. I love closing off the summer this way, with one last blast.

I have a meeting this morning with a police dog handler. Hopefully I can get the inside scoop on working with dog. With all the help I’ve had from various police officers, I’ve had trouble really getting familiar with the dog-thing. In the Molly Smith books one of the characters is a police dog handler for the RCMP. I’ve had to skirt over that a bit, because I didn’t have a feel for the relationship between human and dog. I’m really looking forward to my morning chat!

Then this evening, I’m off for a ride-along with the O.P.P. Will this be another night for BatVicki? When the criminal elements flee in terror at word of her approach.

Which seems to be the norm when I’m riding-along. The police end up apologizing for how quiet it has been.

I’ll report in tomorrow.

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