Saturday, December 4, 2010

Book tour almost finished, and a plea for Canadian crime writers

Two things to write about today. First, I'm finished with my marathon of booksignings at Chapters/Indigo stores. Shoes off, wine glass in hand. I had fun, met a lot of eager readers, sold tons of books. Many many thanks to those of you who came out to meet me or ran into me accidently. When I'm doing a signing, I'm kinda hard to miss. I'm in your face, but I hope in a friendly cheerful way.

Next weekend it's my two favourite stores: Books and Company in Picton and Novel Idea in Kingston.

My signings were great, as I say, and as always the staff at Chapters/Indigo were so welcoming and friendly, that I just hate to say but.. And then go on with a complaint.

Now this complaint has nothing to do with me, or with the fabulous sales staff at Chapters/Indigo but I've found out that several of the very best Canadian mystery writers who have new fall books are not getting their books in the stores. Come on guys, the books have been printed and shipped. And are now stitting in the Indigo warehouse. Where they have been since OCTOBER! While the shopping season passes them by. Barbara Fradkin is among the very top of Canadian mystery writers. I bought her newest, Beautiful Lie the Dead at an Indy weeks ago (Great book!). C.B. Forrest wrote one of the best books I read this year (Weight of Stones) and I am so looking forward to the new one, Slow Recoil. It will, apparently, be a slow day when I can buy the book in Canada's one big chain bookstore.

If you're a fan of great Canadian mysteries it seems that in some cases the store that has about 90% of the market can't serve you. Oh, but if you want to read the latest Sarah Palin, it's in stock.

Please ask your local big book store where these books are or shop at an independent.

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  1. Thanks, Vicki! I like being "among the very top of Canadian mystery writers". We are currently trying to rectify this situation and so far have had an encouraging response from Indigo management. The books are not in the stores yet, but I'm optimistic, and certainly the more readers ask for them, the better. It's hard for Canadian writers to get much notice among the much better publicized Sarah Palin efforts. Stay tuned for updates!