Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas I hope you have a good one. And a very happy New Year to everyone. My family is all here, friends came over last night for games, the turkey will soon be in the oven, the mince tarts are made (and mostly eaten). For a change we're having our big Christmas dinner tonight (Christmas Eve) becuase Daughter #3 has to work first thing on Boxing Day so will be leaving early on Christmas evening. As well as having all of my children here, I had a couple of great Christmas presents already. A contract with Orca Book`s Rapid Reads programme to write a short easy-read adult book. Ì`m very excited about it, because it will take my writing in new directions. (Fear not, I`ll still be publishing with Poisoned Pen and with Rendezvous Crime). A great article in the London (Ontario) Free Press today that has the headline, I`ts a crime not to read Delany and my children and my mom are all sitting aorund reading ARCs of Among the Departed.

Life is good here at Chez Delany and I most certainly hope it is in your home also. Merry Christmas and may you have much happy reading in 2011.

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