Sunday, January 2, 2011

Canadian eh? Not for the Ottawa Citizen.

Are you Canadian? Do you like Canadian crime novels? Do you like to read novels set in Canada?

Well if so, don't bother to check with the Ottawa Citizen to see what the best mysteries of the year were. The Ottawa crime writing scene has to be the most vibrant in Canada which is a pretty darn vibrant scene itself. So where did the citizen go to get a year-end-round up? To a U.S. wire service. There isn't a single book set in Canada on their list or a book by a strictly Canadian publisher. Of course not, the U.S. reviewer probably isn't exposed to them.

Does the Ottawa Citizen think that Ottawains don't care about Canadian books? Maybe they don't, after all it isn't as if they can tell what Canadian books are out there by reading the Citizen, is it?

We're not asking for special treatment here and we're not asking for anyone to like our books BECAUSE they are Canadian. But we would like to be reviewed by people where we live and where we set our books and might have actually come across the books in their local bookstore. Is that too much to ask?

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