Friday, January 14, 2011

New Floors!

I've just had my floors in the downstairs done and they look FABULOUS. My house is circa 1880. It had carpeting throughout and I have been wanting wood floors. I decided to have all the carpeting pulled up and see what's undernetah. Best case would be useable original flooring.Worst case would be getting all new hardwood installed.

Best case! He'd pulled up the carpet, the undercarpet, the linoleum, the plywood, more linoleum, and a thick layer of paper, to reveal wide-plank floors in good condition. To our surprise, the living room and dining room are different. Pine in the dining room and western red cedar in the living room. The living room floor was in such good shape it looks as if they laid linoleum almost immediately. There was a thin one-coat layer of paint in the living room and no paint on the dining room floors. This is a good thing. It was all polished and sanded and looks just glorious.

I've posted pictures on Facebook. Here's the link.

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