Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finished at Last

The last of the Christmas season book signings is over. I had a nice day yesterday at Books and Company in my new hometown of Picton, Ontario. The store was packed, largely because of the local crafts fair up on the second store, but nonetheless it always does the heart good to see roaring business at an independent bookstore. If you are ever in the County do drop in. Say hi from me and be sure and meet the resident cat, Miss Lily. After browsing the books, you can pop into Miss Lily’s CafĂ© for a great sandwich and coffee.

It’s been exhausting and now it’s over. When I look at my calendar, I don’t see a single store listed. I am sure that will change soon enough, after all there will be Gold Fever in the Spring and Negative Image in November.

I actually enjoy doing book signings, once I get there and set up. For some strange reason I am particularly good at it. I have been told many times that I am the best, or one of the best, selling authors they’ve ever had in.

I can only imagine that they haven’t had many big names.

I heard a talk on the radio the other day about selling. They spoke to a man who had worked as a telemarketer (that has got to be among the world’s worst jobs!) and he said the secret to success is being optimistic. You have to approach the 100th call with as much enthusiasm, and optimism, as you did the first.

Perhaps that has something to do with why I do well. I can have been standing there for four hours and when someone walks past, I’ll say, “Hi. Are you looking for a gift today?” and really expect them to stop and look at my books.

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