Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Good and the Bad

Happy New Year

And may the muse visit often!

Good and bad news on the writing front to close out 2009. The bad news is the closing of the new McNally bookstore in Toronto, open less than a year. I had a signing for Gold Digger in May and thought it a lovely store. The attendance was very disappointing, but I put it down to the fact that the store was new and I am not a big draw. I read in the paper today that they never got more than six to 10 people for the biggest names. Even Lawrence Hill (The Book of Negros) had less than ten people out to meet him. I know that Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale has great success with their author visits; perhaps the formula just didn’t work in Toronto. Not that I am surprised: Toronto can be a very cold, unfriendly city. McNally has declared bankruptcy and this is going to be bad news for Canadian publishers to whom they owe money. And you can probably be sure the publishers will pass the pain on to their authors.

The good news is that my books with Poisoned Pen Press (excluding the newest, Winter of Secrets) are now available at for Kindle. So if you’ve not bought one recently because you only read on your Kindle – hurry on over!

Beginning January 3rd I am joining the happy gang at Fatal Foodies, where I will blog every second Sunday. Between trying to have a writing career and blogging weekly at Type M and now at FF, this personal blog might start to whither away. My intention for this blog has been to write about the writing life, as I see it. If you like it, and would like me to continue, please do let me know.

Whishing everyone out there a Very Happy New Year.

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