Thursday, September 3, 2009

Negative Image

Another wonderful late summer day. Yesterday I made tomato sauce for the freezer using my own tomatoes and basil. Such a enormous sense of pride, making such a little thing. A couple of nights this week I’ve had pasta with cherry tomatoes (mine), basil (mine), arugula (sadly, not mine) and feta cheese (definitely not mine!). If anyone knows if it’s easy to grow arugula in S. Ontario – Zone 5 – please let me know.

Got the blurbs for Gold Fever done. I’ll post one shortly as a sort of sneak peek.

Yesterday also I edited part of a MS by a woman who attended my workshop at Wolfe Island. I enjoy doing that sort of thing, and think I’m fairly good at it. I have an Editor’s Certificate from a Community College, so at least I can correct the grammar and punctuation.

I am coming along well with the edits to Smith and Winters 4. The tentative title is Negative Image, because an old photograph provides the major plot point. But I am wondering if I need to have a geographical word i.e. Glacier, Valley, Winter.


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