Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer’s End.

First of September. I live in a major tourist destination, and suddenly it is so quiet and peaceful this morning. The weather is great: blue skies, light breeze. I’ve spent the morning sitting out on the deck, drinking coffee, writing. I usually love the fall, but this year I don’t feel that I’m ready. Here in Southern Ontario we haven’t had much summer. I’d like to go for a swim, but the nights are turning cool and the temperature of the pool has dropped dramatically.

I have plenty of things on the go for the fall. The next Smith and Winters book, Winter of Secrets, will be out on November 1st. I’ll be on book tour with R.J. Harlick to the East Coast in October and then doing signings around South and Eastern Ontario in November and December. (Links to the tour will be posted soon).

The second Gold Rush book, Gold Fever, will be released in the spring so I’ll have edits coming soon. I’m working on the final draft of Smith and Winters #4 (tentative title Negative Image). Final, that is, before it goes to my agent and my editor, so I am sure there will be more work required. I have plans for something very new, of which more later, and I’d like to try my hand at writing a couple of short stories.

All of which should keep me out of trouble at least until Christmas.

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