Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day of Rest

I have hurt my back. Poor me. I must have slept crooked the night before last. It was bad yesterday and I was hobbling around the house, but today seems to be a good bit better. I had planned on working in the garden for a good part of today, but had better not as I wouldn’t want to chance damaging the healing muscles any more.

So here follows the planned activities for a writers day of rest.

• Read newspapers and newsblogs online. Check e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.
• Three hours work on Among the Departed. Cst. Molly Smith book #5. Big fight scene outside a bar.
• Write blog post for Type M for Murder.
• Write blog post for One Woman Crime Wave
• Work on costume for next weekend’s Bloody Words. (I am on a panel discussing writing several series at once and will come suitably attired).
• Read MS evaluation I have been assigned for Bloody Words
• Type up report and prepare for meeting with writer of MS evaluation
• Make certificates to be handed to Bony Pete short story contest winners at Bloody Words.
• Send changes to Scene of the Crime web page to web developer.
• Start article for Mystery Readers Journal on paranormal mysteries.

Anything else?

(Type M for Murder blog post was inadvertently posted here first. Oh, well, keep it up.)

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  1. No rest for the weary, as my grandmother used to say.