Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Digging through the Past - Burden of Memory

I spent this morning sitting in the sun on the deck, working on my laptop. Lovely. My back is quite a bit better today so might get the lawn cut this afternoon.
I wrote an article for Mystery Lover’s Journal on paranormal in mysteries. My second book for Poisoned Pen Press, Burden of Memory, has the trace of a ghost story. The question throughout the book is, is there a ghost? Or an over-active imagination.

It was fun to scan through Burden of Memory looking for some parts to include with the article.

Writing standalones is funny in that way – you spend a year, maybe more, intimately involved with the characters. Then another several months out promoting them and their adventures. And then they’re gone. You’re onto another book and these characters are never to be thought of again.

Burden of Memory concerns an elderly, wealthy lady named Moira Madison who hires a biographer, one Elaine Benson, to come to her cottage on Lake Muskoka, Ontario, to spend several months writing Miss Madison’s memoirs of when she was a Canadian Army Nursing Sister in World War II.

It is only when Elaine arrives at the cottage that she realizes she was the second biographer hired. The first drowned in the lake her second day on the job. Elaine begins to suspect that someone in the powerful close-knit family does not want the memoirs to be written.

Family loyalty and betrayal. Flashbacks to the idyllic summer of 1939, London during the Blitz, the Italian Campaign.

Something is moving in the woods.

Or is there?

Nice to have a trip down memory lane with these characters once again.

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